How To Get More Views On YouTube
 ​Using Thumbnails for Click Bait (​CTR)

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How To Make ClickBait Thumbnails For CTR

  1. Intro - Steps
  2.  Two Kinds of Click Bait (thumbnails)
  3. Why Do I Need This  For What?
  4. Tools Needed
  5. Case Study -Click-bait thumbnail walk through for a client
  6. Case Study -Clickbait thumbnail for this course!
  7. ​Bonus - Secret YouTube Hack

Video #2

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​Lesson 2
Kinds of ClickBait Thumbnails

Video #3

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Lesson 3

Why Do I Need This? 

Video #3b

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​Lesson 3B
Examples to Modal

Video #4

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​Lesson 4 Tools Needed

Video #5

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​​Lesson 5
Case Study One

Video #6

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​Lesson 6
Case Study Two


Video #6A

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​Lesson 6a

Where to get copyright free images

Video #

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​Lesson 6b

Case Study Clickbait for this course

Video #7

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​Lesson 7
Secret Bonus

The Fastest Way ​To Get More Suggested Videos!

What is click-bait?

Is there Good and Bad ClickBait?

Does Youtube consider Click Bait Thumbnails Spam or ?


For these questions and more and how to Make Click-Bait Thumbnails for CTR..

Check Out...

​In 6 Fast & Easy Steps

​Super simple way to get more suggested views to your videos in ​6 easy to learn steps. Beginner? No Problem!

​Case Studies Included

​Over the shoulder case studies. Watch while a make YouTube thumbnails.

​The Tools Needed

Learn about the ​all the free tools needed to up your CTR = clicks through rate for suggested views.

​Bonus: Secret YouTube Hack

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